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Arau supports Save the Children.

Save the Children is a UN nongovernmental organization operating in 115 or more countries, respecting the ideals of the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child.
Saraya Co., Ltd. supports education, healthcare and relief operations from conflict and disasters through the organization.

<2007 Activity Report>Children’s Health and Nutrition Operations in Myanmar

In Myanmar, the national expenditure for healthcare per person is 367 kyat (around 1 dollar).1 This is an extremely small sum, which is not enough to replace old and outdated medical equipment. In 2000, the 35.3% of children were malnourished, and the mortality rate in 2006 was 104 out of 1000 children under 5 years.2 Most of them suffered because of insufficient or unavailable medical care. Save the Children Japan responded with a program dedicated to improving children’s health and nutrition in Myanmar.

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  2. UNICEF, United Nations Population Division and United Nations Statistics Division, 2006.


1.Improvement in Nutrition
Distributing vitamins and healthy meals.Distributing vitamins and healthy meals.
Providing young chickens to raise.
Health and nutrition education for families with young children.
2.Construction and maintenance of medical facilities
3.Installation of toilets with insect protection.
4.Healthy behavior education to the community.
5.Midwife training.